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Choosing a boarding kennel is one of the hardest decisions a pet owner is faced with. Sunrun Kennels is family owned and operated. Our kennel offers indoor-outdoor covered kennel runs, nice well lit exercise yards, and all the amenities of home. We pride ourselves in not nickel and diming our customers. While most kennels charge extra for bringing your own special food or medications (if more than 4 meds there may be a small charge).


 We have our own stock of pet beds and blankets or feel free to bring your pooches’ favorite pillow. All we ask is that anything you bring are clearly marked with the pets name so we don't lose them! Also make sure their bedding is not large and fits our dog runs.


Want to bring a special diet for your pet? No problem. Sunrun Kennels hand-makes every pet’s meal. Owners are welcome to individually package meals by the day or just bring it in a bag.


While most resorts double dogs up into kennel runs, your dog will have its own run and OWN private exercise time if it does not get along with other dogs.  NO breed restrictions. We DO NOT take people aggressive dogs!


If you have a senior or injured pet, please ask about our special accommodations!  We are very well versed in caring for ailing/injured pets.


Owner to provide Pet’s food, clearly labels with written instructions. If your pets need medication during its stay, please provide clear instructions for our staff and we will be happy to accommodate any special needs your pet may have.

With Sunrun Kennels, there is never a worry that your dog will be stressed or anxious about their new environment. We strive to maintain a small, personal environment for the benefit of each dog here. The first thing most people notice about our kennel is that it doesn't SMELL like a kennel and it doesn't SOUND like a kennel. We strive to keep the dogs clean, quiet, and happy. We want to make Sunrun Kennels ‘Your Pets home away from home”


CHECK OUT TIME IS BY 3 P.M. - Pick up after 3 p.m. will be charged for the day


We also board Cats and other type of pets

Pick-up & Delivery

We know that at times your days are full and hard for you to get everything done. At Sunrun Kennels we try to find ways to relieve your stress as well as your pets. Let us pick up your dog from your home or office and take him/her to our place for any of our provided services.

Pick-up & Delivery Rates: $15 within specified area

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